Love is always a good reason...

Liebe und so viel mehr....

Weil es Liebe ist, heiraten Charlene und Graham, weil es Liebe ist, passen sie perfekt zusammen. Weil es Liebe ist, war es ein toller Tag und weil es Liebe ist, war es mir eine Freude dabei zu sein!

Because it is love, Charlene and Graham got married, because it is love, the are perfectly matched. Because it is love, it was a perfectly wonderful day and because it is love, it was my pleasure to be part of it!

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    Charlene Taylor (Montag, 19 September 2016 19:27)

    Just like to say a big thank you , of yer photos I have seen so far , I am very pleased. I love the way people where caught on camera at their most the natural .
    Most definitely would recommend

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    Maggie (Dienstag, 20 September 2016 15:48)

    Thanks Charlene - it was my absolute pleasure!